quarta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2014

No Titles for Camilla Bandeira

Enter with a history. Enter with a memory. Enter with everything.
There’s no titles to chose. There’s no titles to breath, because there’s any passed air to write.
But, what’s coming with a history or a memory is already accept. Doesn’t matter how is the form.
It can come in the form of love.


So, witch curse do you will give to your live? The curse of perfect words? I don’t think, so. You don’t have even a title!
Instead it, don’t leave the words and don’t stop to tell some histories to people without them. You’re alive and that’s histories are made from what’s happened inside you, surrounded by the world. Because, sometimes, we don’t need a lot of this words. A photo says everything:


My honor to Camilla Bandeira, the best Photographer that I meet <3>
OBS: In English to celebrate your last victory, sweet Camilla ^^